Vaada (2005)


Vaada (2005)
Cast: Arjun Rampal, Amisha Patel, Zayed Khan.
Director: Satish Kaushik
Music Director: Himmesh Reshammiya
Nutshell: Potentially gripping thriller goes horribly awry (again!)


Vaada opens with a shot of a house with a servant running out of the front gates. In what seems to be the next morning, we have a jogging Karan (Zayed Khan) who enters into a house only to come across the dangling toes of a sari clad woman. Shortly thereafter, a blind man Rahul [Arjun Rampal] comes down the stairs calling for his beloved Puja [Amisha Patel] who turns out to be the corpse in the kitchen. Clearly, this is an interesting start to the film and curiosity is there as to how Vaada is now going to proceed further.
The inept police start their investigation into this suicide(?) and we therefore enter into the world of flashback from the perspective of the two male protagonists.

Rahul is madly in love with Puja but has a nut or two loose as his obsessive behaviour goes beyond the normal. All he needed was to mouth PPPPPPPPuja a la Shahrukh in Darr and the profile of nutter would be complete. Inflamed that someone accidentally bumped into his bleached blonde Puja, Karan decides to teach hi a lesson by stabbing his hand repeatedly with a fork! Puja, not wanting t become a PPPPPpuja backs away in horror but Karan shows up at her house. In an inadvertent fracas, her overweight father (Aloknath) takes a fall and Puja flies into a flap. Karan then proceeds to mutilate his hand. Karan then meets his “conscience” on the beach who tells him to “be someone” so that he can win Puja. So off Karan goes to Switzerland, driving taxis and what have you and soon, Karan is minting millions, or so it would appear.

In the meantime, our blonde bombshell has caught the eye of Rahul, who somewhat amazingly, falls madly in love with this bleached beauty. As ever, she tries to reveal her past to him on the wedding night but Rahul hears none of it. Falling into wedded bliss, Rahul decides to teach Puja how to drive and ends up with losing his eyesight in an accident.

On a business trip abroad, Rahul meets Karan and asks him to join his business. PPPPPuja is shocked to see Karan and vice versa when they meet for the first time on Karan’s return to India. We then veer into the present. What is behind the mystery of Puja’s suicide? Then begins what may have been an interesting game of cat and mouse between the two male protagonists as Karan begins to suspect that Rahul can actually see and is setting him up for a fall.

Satish Kaushik had the material to make Vaada a taut and interesting film, full of twists and turns but unfortunately, he is blighted by a screenplay which is implausible and sets up situations which are far-fetched and lacking in any real suspense. Instead of this being a mind game between Rahul and Karan, similar to Caine and Olivier in Sleuth, the film degenerates into silly episodes of one-upmanship on a rather pedestrian level. This is sad because the potential was certainly here to make this a cracking film.

Arjun Rampal shows no improvement as an actor and is as wooden as ever. Zayed Khan is better given that this is his second film and his character seems to deviate from being normal to utterly dysfunctional. The less said about Amisha Patel the better. Her finest scene surely must be when she plays a corpse. Music is foul especially the cringing kurti sexy song which Ms Patel embellishes with some of the most grotesque creations in recent times.