Ayyash (1976)


Ayyash (1976)
Cast: Yusuf Khan, Neelo, Ilyas Kashmiri, Bahar, Munawar Zareef, Meena Chaudhary
Director: Iqbal Kashmiri
Music Director: Safdar Hussain
Nutshell: Rampaging serial rapist finally comes a cropper in this formula drivel


Ayyash is the tale of an ogre like Chaudhary whose wife has to leave him with their tiny daughter because he is an insatiable serial rapist and insists on enjoying a girl from the village on a regular basis. His main provider is the dastardly Mustafa Qureshi but one day they meet fierce resistance from a particularly upright village belle Bahar who not only sends the chaudhary packing but also plants a stinging slap on his face before doing so. When he returns for a second attempt she sets her house ablaze with her standing in it!

Bahar’s equally pious husband Afzal Khan is framed for murder and send to jail but Bahar’s honour remains intact. Time passes and Bahar’s young son grows up to be Yusuf Khan who is busy courting a curvaceous beauty who doesn’t know that her estranged father is a serial rapist who feats on girls her age on a weekly if not daily basis. There is a not very funny comedy sub-plot involving Munawar Zareef and a genie he summons from an old ring that takes up about a third of the films running time and the rest is pretty much the usual revenge based masala – but an uninspired and routine effort with nothing extraordinary to offer. Events twist and turn their way to a climactic showdown when the rapist procures a gorgeous beauty who turns out to be a little bit more than he bargained for.

Ayyash is the usual masala fare but done without much style or imagination and lacking the electricity or the frenetic energy that these films feed on. Not only is the action flat but the dialogues are also rather one dimensional and lack the usual demented flair usually impart energy to the genre. Its rather a drab affair on the whole and the forgettable music adds to the dullness as well as the fact that Yusuf Khan is rather wooden in his lead role while Neelo only springs to life in her sole dramatic scene otherwise she hasn’t much to do other than mouth the pretty dire songs. Munawar Zareef is only mildly amusing with his antics involving the giant genie. On the whole Ayyash is a disappointing drab masala film that larks sparkle and fizz and has nothing of interest to offer.