Musalman (2001)


Musalman (2001)
Cast: Sana, Shaan, Babar Ali, Zeba Bakhtiar, Arbaz Khan, Meera, Javed Sheikh, Shafqat Cheema, Nawaz Khan, Tariq Shah, Nayyar Ejaz, Irfan Khoosat, Badar Munir.
Director: Iqbal Kashmiri
Nutshell:  Bombastic slice of Hateful, comical and pitiful propaganda aimed squarely at making a fast buck from brainwashed audiences starring that Super Patriot Shaan and the usual suspects.


Musalman arrived in the wake of India and Pakistan at each other’s throats (again) over the Kashmir issue among other things.  The hawks on both sides were baying for blood and with the media ready to take advantage of the situation by throwing up action potboilers with a grotesquely nationalistic stance as well as one that champions the modern scourge of Suicide Bombing.  Pakistan itself has lost thousands to suicide bombers over the years and it is indicative of a deeply divided and indeed misguided society where films are championing those who have murdered so many of your own countrymen.

In Musalman the action is set on the Indian administered side of Kashmir where the largely Muslim population is kept enslaved by force and brutality.  The Indian officers are shown to be debauched and incompetent while the few Muslims that work for them are all brilliant but don’t quite realize their folly of supporting their nation; India.  The downtrodden Muslims are all fiercely independent, brave and loyal and are led by Shaan as Azad Khan, the leader of the Mujahedeen Freedom movement.  Zeba Bakhtiar plays his romantic interest with a dark past and an axe to grind.  She wanders around in black somewhat like a Ninja Warrior seeking to wreak havoc on any Indian forces she can.  Javed Sheikh and Sana are two Muslim cops who have already gunned down many Muslims but find their loyalty coming under stress when they slowly realize that they should not be supporting India, but attacking it instead!

Musalman plays out as though it was written by complete moron who has thrown in every cliché in the book and then some!

Things deteriorate rapidly for the Muslims working for their nation.  Poor Major Saab (Javed Sheikh) has his young daughter and wife murdered in cold blood by the cold blooded and heartless Hindus.  Meanwhile another brave Mujahid in the form of Babar Ali is being led to the gallows but manages to make an escape at the very last moment (The incompetent Indians just can’t seem to get anything right).  He eventually teams up with his chief Shaan and the rest of his Freedom Fighters.  Javed Sheikh finally realizes that he has been supporting the wrong side all his life and now joins forces with his Mujahedeen brothers and sisters in their quest to wrest Kashmir away from the talons of the brutal occupiers.

Again, and again the point is bludgeoned home that all Muslims are righteous, fearless, virtuous warriors while all Hindus are the exact opposite other than the few who are simply misguided or plain stupid as is the case with Sita played by Meera who is in love with Arbaz Khan, another upright and fearless Muslim.

The defections continue as the prettier Hindu girls soon realize that they are on the wrong side!  A Maulana (Badar Munir) joins the fray and the blood soaked climax finally arrives as a showdown between the two forces with the Indian Hindu’s taking an almighty thrashing at the hands of the fiercely brave and committed Mujahedeen who flee the horrors of the Indian Held Kashmir to arrive at the borders of Pakistan where they are finally free and greeted as war heroes.

The final showdown has Shaan strapped up to the hilt as a suicide bomber chasing the Indians across a bridge and then detonates himself causing massive carnage to the fleeing Indian forces.  The heroic Major Nita Singh (Sana) reaches Pakistani soil where she sacrifices her life to save her senior Javed Shaikh.  Its apparently the thing Muslims do…sacrifice their all for a higher cause but alas this movie is far from being anything sacred.

Musalman is a ridiculous fantasy fuelled by a script full of typically stereotyped hate where we live in a world of only black and white with no grey and everything that is Muslim or Pakistani is the God’s oracle while everyone else is evil scum deserving of a “Kuttay ki Maut”.  Sadly, the film is indicative of a diseased mindset that fails to analyze any of its own faults or frailties preferring to camouflage all defects by bombastic nonsensical fantasy aimed squarely at making a fast buck at the box office while trying to serenade as a “righteous” and factually accurate war drama.

What Musalman does provide is a valuable insight into the mindset of the delusional and misguided.  The film ends with Shaan gloriously detonating his suicide jacket sending hundreds to their death!

Once again Shaan is at the helm of a film solely designed to create hatred and mistrust.  Do keep in mind that He and his mother Neelo had announced the making of their home production Epic to be titled “Osama” which was to champion their hero but alas it was shelved and instead he chose to work in the utterly regressive garbage such as Musalman, but then he has a string of such garbage to his credit.  To think that Shaan’s own mother was once a Non-Muslim!!