Murdar (2006)


Murdar (2006) AKA Murdar
Cast:  Roofi Anaam, Arbaz Khan, Shamyl Khan
Director:  Rashid Dogar
Nutshell:  There is a masked serial killer prowling the streets of sleepy Islamabad scything his/her way through the residents of a notorious Guest House.


Bright, blonde and perky Miss Asma has arrived in Islamabad to take up a position at the highly prestigious and competitive FM100 Radio Station where she is met by the star DJ the equally voluptuous Imli with the laser precise eyebrows, plucked to perfection.  Imli and Asma hit if off from the get go and within seconds they are BFF’s as well as roommates but Asma has an errand or two to run before she moves but unfortunately on the way she runs out of gas and stops at a Petrol Station to fill up.

The attendant is a mysterious and shifty looking old man with a seriously bad stammer who after filling up the tank returns with Asma’s credit card informing her that the card company would like to speak to her.  Reluctantly Asma heads inside the little office to find nobody on the line but notices that the attendant has locked the door from the inside and alarmed by his intentions she manages to make a getaway with the stammering old man chasing after her stammering and bumbling almost hysterically.  As she drives off, he calls out after her that all he wanted to tell her and thus needed to lock the doors from the inside was that there is somebody in the back seat of her car!  Moments later a shadowy figure appears and hacks poor Asma mercilessly on the neck with his double edged baby gandaasa and splatters the windscreen with freshly killed blood.  A quite sensational and delirious start to the film with this take on the classic opening of Urban Legend – a much loved scene that has also been stolen by Bollywood previously.


The Randhawa Guest House is The Bates Motel of Islamabad but unlike the Bates place this one is situated bang in the middle of a city and is bustling with all sorts of very shady guests including some man-eating aunties of the most sublime kind.  The place is also home to a bunch of students who are now the wrong side of 30 but still struggling to find their way in life but while their rich daddies provide them cash, life is an endless routine of picnics, outings, dinners, chasing girls, partying incessantly and occasionally, as we later find out, the group is also prone to taking over the streets with the One-Wheeling stunts where the “fast” city girls get their thrills hounding their boyfriends to go “faster, faster and faster”.  It certainly is the fast life but soon their routine is horribly derailed as the masked killer, wearing what looks like a kitchen mop attached to his hood, starts to whittle down the group of friends one by one in brutal and rapid succession.  Meanwhile Imli falls for the rugged Rocky (Shamyl Khan) but he only has eyes for Romana the gorgeous journalist who in turn dreams of the blue eyed Vicky (Arbaz Khan) who carries a dark secret and has been estranged from his parents due to the dark secret).

Everyone appears to be a suspect; from Mr. Randhawa the irritable Guest House Owner to the janitor Petrus who is always lurking and listening and eavesdropping and has a nasty black fungus like growth on his face, clearly the mark of evil. Could it be Sweetie the escort whom the guys appear to have grown bored of?  Could it be the reporter who always knows too much or is it Shamyl who also appears to have something to hide or is it Vicky with his secret or is it one of the many friends of theirs who cohabit at the Guest House?

Later as the body count mounts as does the suspicion upon him Vicky returns for a rapprochement with his parents and we discover about the dark events of his past that soured their relationship to begin with.  Vicky and all his friends, including the entire current clan of friends and girlfriends used to love getting their kicks by taking their motorbikes to the streets and performing “wheelies and stunts” at very high speed.  One day as they were speeding and wheeling to the limits of speed they cause an oncoming car to crash.  Within the car is a young  bride who is in her death throes due to her horrible injuries sustained but instead of helping her or calling for an ambulance, the group proceed to harass and taunt her and finally one of the musclebound lads forcibly pours alcohol down her throat even though she is gasping for water.  The woman dies a horrible death and the gang just leave her to rot and return to their frolics and fun and games as though nothing had happened.  This incident was an awakening for Vicky who left his parents to try to make it on his own but failed in that endeavour miserably, pretending to be a student but actually just a wastrel.

The laughable murders and death sequences are punctuated regularly by sleazy songs and dances that director Rashid Dogar has earned his fine reputation for.  There are also numerous sleazy scenes where Vicky frequently has to put up with his roommates loud lovemaking and this is highlighted more than once in order to provide the thrills that his (Dogar’s) work is renowned for.  The man has earned the mantle as the current King of Sleaze and has an impressive string of low cost Z grade smut movies that earn him his daily bread.  Poor Arbaz Khan, one of the two powerhouses of the Pashto cinema scene is used to his fair share of sleaze and smut as he has worked during the most wretchedly artless years of Pakistani cinema for a while now but this must be considered a low point even for him.

The film is an endurance test for most but those who are fascinated by sleaze, cheap-ass exploitation rubbish, plot holes the size of craters, horrendous acting, bulbous and bewitching beauties singing item numbers in the bed room…well this should be right up your alley.  Another steamy, sleazy turd passed with consummate ease by the master Rashid Dogar.

Murdar is another perfect example of the excellent sleazy cinematic excrement of the Rashid Dogar variety but alas audiences ought to savour these gems as the man perished miserably, burned alive in an ghastly in 2012.  Sadly there will be no more masterpieces from the renowned House of Dogar.  A man who learned the ropes as assistant director on films such as Aina (1977) and had recently departed the film industry to take up a job in TV which is where he perished on the job.

There is a moral trying desperately to cloak and justify the sleaze, that being; Don’t go One-Wheeling and always listen to what your parents tell you because however big and strong you may grow, Daddy will always be bigger and stronger!